We currently have a Smoke Alarm Installation Program which has been funded by a Federal Grant from FEMA. This program provides FREE LIVE SAVING benefits to the citizens of this community. These benefits include:

  • Free smoke alarms for citizens that do not have any. These alarms can be installed by firefighters of the Big Walnut Joint Fire District.

  • Survey of any current smoke alarms within the residence including replacing batteries, replacing outdated alarms and education on testing maintaining smoke alarms within the home.

  • Conducting a home fire safety inspection and a counseling regarding ways to improve home fire safety in the home.

Smoke alarm quantities are limited, applications will be reviewed and alarms will be installed on a priority basis. 

To enroll in this program you must:

  1. Fill out the application in full. 

  2. Agree to allow firefighters to install the proper amount of smoke alarms in the proper locations in your home, in accordance with NFPA 72.

  3. Agree to allow firefighters to conduct a fire safety inspection of your home to identify potential fire hazards.

  4. Agree to meet with the firefighters to discuss improvements you can make in your home to prevent an outbreak of fire.

​For questions about this program, email fire .

Please watch this video on the 2 different styles of smoke alarms . We install the dual sensor smoke alarms in your home for FREE!




By submitting this application, I state that I currently reside in the residence. I also agree that I have requested that my residence be evaluated for installation of smoke alarms; replacement of existing outdated/inoperable smoke alarms; or the replacement/installation of 5 year Lithium Ion batteries. I agree; that I will allow Big Walnut Joint Fire District personnel or designated representative(s) to enter my residence for the purpose of a smoke alarm evaluation; installations of the smoke alarms/smoke alarm batteries; and to provide fire safety information and education to those present in the residence, and that I, my heirs and legal agents, do hereby release the Big Walnut Joint Fire District employee(s), officer, agent, official or designated representative(s) from any and all liability for damages, injury or casualty of any sort whatsoever involving my residence, my property, myself or any other person, which results or may result from activities conducted from this installation.

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