Brush 32
1996 Ford F-250
Brush 32 is our grass fire unit. Known as "brush trucks" or "grass fighters", these type of trucks are small, 4WD, carried 200 gallons of water, and can go cross country to attack a grass fire quickly and efficiently. Brush 32 is quartered at Station 2 in Chesterville.
Brush 37
2016 2016 Ford/1st Attack
Brush 37 is an addition to our fleet, a 2nd grass fire truck. Additionally, it has the compartment space to allow for assisting the engine/rescues on the freeway, and can support rural/farm rescues with a stokes basket carrier.
Engine 30, "Southside Pride"
2016 2016 Sutphen Guardian
Engine 30 is our newest engine/rescue. Purchased in 2016, Engine 30 is an all-hazards response apparatus. Carrying 1000 gallons of water and 30 gallons of firefighting foam, it responds to fires of all types. Additionally, it carries state of the art Hurst EDRAULIC rescue tools, aka "Jaws of Life" to rescue victims from car crashes.
Engine 33
2021 Rosenbauer/Freightliner
NFPA engine
1500 poly tank
1500 gpm pump
Engine/Rescue 31, "The Mighty Mo"
1998 Pierce Quantum
Engine 35 is our 2nd out engine/rescue from the Marengo fire station. It carries 750 gallons of water, equipped with a 2000 GPM Waterous pump, ladders, ventilation fans and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. It has a foam suppression system and Onspot tire chains. It responds to house fires and other emergencies, however it is equipped with specialized tools to respond to rescuing people from entrapments. It carried the "jaws of life" to extricate trapped victims from car crashes.
Squad 39
2015 Ford/Arrow Ambulance
F-450 4x4 with Stryker power cot system
Tanker 34
1999 S&S
Tanker 34 is a water hauler. There are very few fire hydrants in BWJFD's district, so most water must be carried to the fire. Tanker 34 can carry 2000 gallons of water, is equipped with a 1500 GPM Hale pump. It carried attack and supply hose and ladders effectively making it a "mini-engine". Only 2 Firefighters can ride this truck at a time.

Tanker 34 is quartered at Marengo Station 1.

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